Draft report on effectiveness evaluation now open for public comment from 1 August to 5 September 2019

The draft report of the ad hoc technical expert group is open for public comment from 1 August to 5 September 2019. The draft report responds to the mandate of MC-1/9 and MC-2/10.

Following the closure of the comment period, the draft report will be available for presentation to COP-3 as Working Document 3/14. The draft report is accompanied by an information document 3/15. This information document will also be available for presentation to COP-3 following the closure of the comment period.

Please send your comments by email using the comment template below.  
In commenting on the draft document, please use the commenting format and specify line numbers.

Should you have any specific enquiries please contact:

Claudia ten Have
Senior Policy Coordination Officer

Eisaku Toda
Senior Programme Management Officer

Ad-hoc Technical Expert Group on Effectiveness Evaluation

The ad-hoc technical expert group on effectiveness is co-chaired by Ms. Katerina Šebková and Mr. Mohammed Khashashneh.


Ms. Petlane Moleboheng Juliett (Lesotho)
Mr. Sani Mahazou (Niger)
Mr. Edgard Brice Ngoungou (Gabon)
Mr. Joachim Pagnibam T. Meba (Togo)
Mr. Baro Roger (Burkina Faso)

Asia and the Pacific

Mr. Minghui Zheng (China)
Ms. Zahra Jabbari Barjasteh (Iran)
Mr. Mitsugu Saito (Japan)
Mr. Mohammed Khashashneh (Jordan)
Mr. Sarawut Thepanondh (Thailand)

Central and Eastern Europe

Ms. Katerina Šebková (Czech Republic)
Mr. Christopher Gordon Allen (European Union)
Mr. Trajce Stafilov (North Macedonia)
Mr. Alexander Romanov (Russia)
Ms. Milena Horvat (Slovenia)

Latin America and the Caribbean

Mr. Agustín Harte (Argentina)
Mr. Linroy Christian (Antigua and Barbuda)
Ms. Anika Aska (Antigua and Barbuda)
Mr. Arturo Gavilan (Mexico)
Ms. Gabriela Medina (Uruguay)

Western Europe and Other

Ms. Lone Schou (Denmark)
Mr. Rafael Zubrzycki (Germany)
Mr. Nicola Pirrone (Italy)
Ms. Alexandra Steffen (Canada)
Ms. Silje Fagernes Anonsen (Norway)


Ms. Eva Kruemmel (Inuit Circumpolar Council)
Ms. Carolyn Vickers (WHO)
Mr. David Evers (Biodiversity Research Institute)
Ms. Susan Keane (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Ms. Noelle Eckley Selin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Mr. Kjetil Tørseth (EMEP)
Ms. Semia Gharbi (IPEN)
Ms. Elsie Sunderland (Harvard University)
Ms. Ada Lis Rosell (Solidaridat)
Mr. Ulises Saldana (World Chlorine Council (Mexico))

Invitees for cooperation between secretariats/in chemicals cluster

Ms. Katarina Magulova (BRS Secretariat)
Mr. Kenneth Davis (UN Environment)

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